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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


after much hesitation, i've decided to move.. more details available in my new bloggie

eveie's indulgence @ 12:16 AM

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bathing The Kids

gave darling clare a bath this afternoon as sis was busy with the packing for her trip to taiwan tmr.. and that led me to travel back in time when i used to bathe chris everyday b4 i go to school..

she always picked the right time to ask for a bath from me. like when i'm dressed up in my uniform, ready to leave the house to go to school.. she'll wail and refuses to be bathed by anyone who offered to bathe her.. and i'll have to take off my socks and give her a quick no-time-for-bath-tub shower.. but i guessed she had her fair share of fun by making me wet every time and giving me that cheeky grin..

those were the days.. and now, in the blink of an eye, she'll 11 already.. no wonder they always say 时光飞逝... so true..

i'm glad that i got to bathe clare today.. cos i'll never know, when is the next time i get to relive that moment once again as the days go by, with the kids not needing you for such stuff anymore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


已经病了好几天了... 先是喉咙痛, 然后, 就像是个免费配套一样, 伤风也一起来凑热闹... 直到昨天才去看医生.. 已经不能再忍受下去了, 因为鼻涕就像开了的水龙头一样一直流啊... 真是受不了了!!

但是天有点不作美哦... 当我到了诊所, 医生已经走了... 哎呀, 反正也不是什么大病, 就 self medicate 吧.. keke.. :P 从诊所买了感冒药, 消炎丸和喉片. 昨晚回到家, 洗了澡, 吃了药, 就呼呼大睡了... 一觉睡到天亮...

早上起来, 鼻涕已经没有想昨天一样的一直流了... hmm, 感觉视乎是比较好了哦... 哎呀, 说说而已啦, 你以为是仙丹嚒? keke.. 早上起来时, 头就一直隐隐作痛... 真辛苦啊! 就差那么一点就不上班了... 就那么一点... 脑海里浮现的那一座还没做完的工作, 今天还要做 submission, 所以就把自己给拖回办公室了... (诶, 怎么很像听到有人在说 "工作狂" hehe..) 哎呀, 不是工作狂啦... 只想把分内的工作做好... 就这样罢了..

我发现, 我每次一生病, 大多数是生大病... 而且会病蛮久的... sigh... 希望可以快快复原, 再多两天就要去 kelong 了!!! 我要加油加油!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time No Enough

so much to do, yet so little time...

if only there are 48 hours a day...

hmm... then again, if there are 48 hours a day, wld it be enough for me? haiz.. 都不知道是我没事找降多事做 or i'm such a workaholic...

well, i guess this is the part where i say, "that's for me to know, for you to find out." keke.. :P

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautifully Imperfect - Imperfectly Perfect In My Eyes

this advertisement is really good... touching, and it left tears hanging at the brim of my eyes...

[beautifully imperfect]

lets you realise, how perfect some things can be, while they seem to be that imperfect.

Of Indigestion

went for tender evaluation with dr yong today.. had to reach office earlier than usual cos mtg was at 9am.. learnt something different apart from designing... dr yong taught me how to evaluate the tender for our CS part.. but eyes nearly popped out reading 10 PQM specs to evaluate them...

the evaluation thingy finally ended at 1230. gawd, i didn't expect it to last so long.. funny thing was, i didn't realise time passed so quickly.. only realised that it was 1215 already when dr yong was on the phone saying "i don't think i'm coming back for lunch la.. i'm still in a mtg." and that was when the tummy started screaming "feed me! feed me!"

had andy to dabao lunch for me. and the head cracking thingy started right after i had my lunch. cos i was given the task to draft out the tender questionnaire for tmr's tender interview. *panic mode panic mode* dunno how to do, don't really know what to write even thou dr yong gave me a "sample" for reference.

at the end of the day, after flipping thru over and over again the 3 shortlisted PQM specs, plus the help from ys, andy and dr yong himself, i managed to complete it and send the tender questionnaire to the architect..

thou it's a really busy, eyes popping and head cracking day for me today, where i have to digest so much info on my first working day after my holiday, causing me to suffer from indigestion (and i'm already suffering from indigestion from all the food i ate in penang.. keke.. :P), i was happy. happy cos i finally see a change...

i'm just keeping my fingers crossed, that this happiness is not shortlived.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i'm oficially debtless...

hooohooo!!!! no more school loans!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


yeap, it's the PWS, not some typo error which is supposedly to be the PMS... what is the PWS you may ask? it's some "illness" that i'm suffering from. or that's what ys said i was suffering from.. haha..

oh ya, the PWS? it stands for the project withdrawal syndrome..

i'm so called finally done with orchard turn. after 1 yr 10 mths of it, i've managed to turn out from the project already. sent out the last submission on tues, that sent me jumping with joy. went to pack all my cals into the cupboard while waiting for KM and rudy to come for our weekly jog.

am already involved in a new proj.. no more turning, it's now swimming in the ocean till the end of the month b4 i go knock myself against the rock.. lol...

am still busy, thou not as busy, but dunno why, feeling lethargic... just doing things at a slower pace.. and feeling weird.. haha.. maybe not used to a new proj? oh well, ys noticed that i was abit different and he asked, "你不会得了 project withdrawal syndrome 吧?"

i thot it sounds interesting... keke.. :P

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not A Proud Broken Record

ghee, i don't believe i actually broke the 10.30pm record... left office at 11pm just now... reluctantly... gawd, since when i became such a workaholic?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Of Sleepy Philosophy

turtle sent me an email this morning, thanking me for appearing for last nite's EP nite.. so formal lor..

turtle: Thanks for coming last night. Really appreciate it. Also, thanks for this weekend also. In advance. Wouldn't be able to do anything without you. Honestly. Thanks.

me: aiyo.. so 客气 for what... all i did was to turn up and go for free food.. free dinner leh!! lol..

turtle: not 客气 lah...i really mean it...without u guys around, i'll be so helpless...and u know that...

me: well my dear.. not only you will be helpless... everyone will be helpless w/out great friends ard to help there.. some pple look like they are great being alone, not needing anyone's help. but how sure are we that they aren't pretending and putting up a front? the only difference between us and them is that we admit that there are things that we can never do alone.

turtle: such philosophical mind in the morning...and you tell me you're sleepy...unbelievable...
well, you're definitely right on thing i learnt is that to show due appreciation and give thanks before it's too late...hence, the thanks...

me: hahaha... well, that's me... and that's what makes me well, me? hahaha... my brain works funnily.. keke.. okok... you got so many "thanks" so i must at least return one "you're welcome".. lol..

reading back the email, i kinda like that "philosophy" that i came up with.. hehe...

-sweet indulgence-

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pinkie Lumixie 51


Of The Philipino Language

i'm having pretty much fun learning philipino from my drafters... i'm feeling the same kind of excitement i had when i was learning jap during my ntu days... except this is less stressful, cos there aren't spelling every week, neither exams at the end of the semester... hehe.. :P

i'm making work or going to office sound so fun... or am i just using this as a cover to how i actually feel about work? hmmm...

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